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Mulberry Syrup

Mulberry Syrup

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Mulberries are Lebanon’s most celebrated fruits. What we do at Kamakian is that we handpick these berries and process them into a thick syrup without the use of any preservatives. This is a recipe that our Armenian and Lebanese ancestors perfected over the years. Our woman-farmers and workers are the stars behind this product. They even have their hands dyed purple!

All-natural mulberries are filled with crucial vitamins for the human body. They are digestive, and blood stimulants and possess anti-inflammatory characteristics.

This mulberry syrup can serve as a most refreshing drink in the days of heat or a great addition to your cocktails and smoothies.

Tip: Add some mulberry syrup to cold water, and mix well until you have a unified color. Empty the mixture i an ice cream m and freeze. Here’s a guilt-free refreshing snack!

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