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Pickled Green Almonds

Pickled Green Almonds

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Green almonds are unripe, young almonds that are harvested in the first days of spring before they fully mature. They have a soft, fuzzy outer skin that is edible and a crisp, juicy interior that has a mild, slightly tart flavor.

At Kamakian, we pickle these green almonds in vinegar. The brine solution helps to soften the bitter taste of the unripe almonds and imparts a tangy, sour flavor to them.

The pickling process can take several weeks, during which time the almonds absorb the flavors of the brine and become more tender and palatable. This is a recipe discovered by our mothers and passed down to us.

Tip: Pair these pickled green almonds to your charcuterie or cheese dishes for a richer taste filled with fibers, minerals and vitamins.

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