These all-natural products come from the rich soil of Lebanon, the land that gave refuge to millions of Armenians.

Kamakian engages with its products, more than 400 farmers all around Lebanon. From Anjar in the Bekaa valley to Jbaa’ in the South. From Bolonia in the Metn area to the pearly shores of Anfeh. Kamakian is our way of giving back to the land and to the most vulnerable among its population.

Armenian Specialties

Through our Armenian Specialties, relish in fusing our mother's skills to our selection. Our assortment introduces you to a world of fascinating flavors that improves with each bite.

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Tin Sumac Sea Salt From Anfeh Lebanon

Salts From Anfeh

Taste the difference in your cooking. These salt crystals are extracted using traditional methods from the shores of Lebanon.

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Jams & Preserves

Delight in sweet Armenian classics with our authentic jams & preserves, crafted from cherished mother-to-daughter recipes in central Lebanon.

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Molasses & Sauces

Our sweetened relish recipes will have your whole family loving the old-fashioned goodness of homemade freshness.

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