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Sumac Salt

Sumac Salt

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The most renowned and prevalent spice in the Levant region with more than 35 species of flowering plants. Our mothers make sure to introduce it almost in any dish, relying on its flavor similar to the tang of fresh-squeezed lemon juice; sumac is tart and sharp, but also contains a hint of sweetness, along with lingering floral notes. Our farmers hand-pick the sumac flowers, sort them and process them into dried powder. Adding them to our coarse salt of Anfeh gives an uplifted taste to your salads, omelets, chicken and vegetables.

The artisanal activity of salt farming is becoming more and more endangered around the world. In Lebanon, and more specifically in Anfeh, our farmers passed down their techniques from generation to generation.

Tip: Sprinkle some of this sumac salt over your sauces and dips to add a nice kick with your crudités or crisps.

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